Annalyn Swan

Annalyn Swan is an American author and biographer best known for her work on the Pulitzer Prize-winning biography 'de Kooning: An American Master,' which she co-authored with Mark Stevens. She has a background in English literature and has served as an editor for various publications. Swan's contributions to the field of biography and arts journalism have been recognized with numerous accolades.


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  1. 1. de Kooning

    This book offers an in-depth study into the life and works of a renowned Dutch-American Abstract Expressionist artist. The authors delve into his troubled childhood in Rotterdam, his immigration to America, and his struggles with alcoholism and Alzheimer's in his later years. They also explore his artistic journey, from his early work as a house painter to his rise as a leading figure in the New York art scene, detailing his unique style that blended abstraction and figuration. The book also highlights his tumultuous relationships, particularly with women, and how these influenced his art.