Giambattista Vico

Giambattista Vico was an Italian philosopher, rhetorician, historian, and jurist, who is recognized as one of the most important Enlightenment thinkers. He is best known for his work 'Scienza Nuova' (The New Science), in which he introduced the concept of the historical cycles and the principle of verum factum. Vico's ideas prefigured the philosophy of history and the sociology of knowledge.


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  1. 1. The New Science

    "The New Science" is a groundbreaking philosophical work that proposes a new approach to the study of society, history, and the nature of human behavior. The author argues that human beings are the creators of their own history, culture, and society, and that they can therefore understand these phenomena in a way that they cannot understand the natural world. He also introduces the concept of a cyclical theory of history, where societies rise, develop, and eventually decline, only to rise again in a different form. The book has had a profound influence on a range of fields, including anthropology, sociology, and history.

    The 4916th Greatest Book of All Time