Olive Ann Burns

Olive Ann Burns was an American writer and journalist best known for her single completed novel, 'Cold Sassy Tree', published in 1984. Born on July 17, 1924, in Banks County, Georgia, USA, she began her career as a journalist before turning to fiction. 'Cold Sassy Tree' is a historical novel that explores themes of religion, death, and social change in the American South. Burns was working on a sequel, 'Leaving Cold Sassy', but she passed away from cancer before she could complete it. The unfinished sequel was published posthumously in 1992.


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  1. 1. Cold Sassy Tree

    Set in the early 1900s in a small Georgia town, the novel follows the life of a 14-year-old boy named Will Tweedy. The story is largely centered around his grandfather's scandalous marriage to a much younger woman just three weeks after his wife's death, causing a stir in their small, conservative town. Through Will's eyes, the reader experiences the complexities of Southern society, family dynamics, and the process of coming-of-age.