Henri Alain-Fournier

Henri Alain-Fournier was a French author best known for his novel 'Le Grand Meaulnes' (1913), which is considered a classic of French literature. Born on October 3, 1886, in La Chapelle-d'Angillon, he died in battle during World War I on September 22, 1914. His work is characterized by a nostalgic yearning for lost childhood and an idealized rural France.


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  1. 1. Le Grand Meaulnes

    The novel centers around a mysterious and charismatic adolescent, Augustin Meaulnes, who arrives at a rural school in Sologne, France, and quickly becomes the focus of intrigue among his peers. The story is narrated by his friend, François Seurel, who recounts the adventures that ensue when Meaulnes stumbles upon a surreal estate where a lavish party is taking place, leading him to meet and fall for the enchanting Yvonne de Galais. The tale weaves themes of lost love, yearning, and the painful transition from the innocence of childhood to the complexities of adulthood, as Meaulnes becomes obsessed with finding the estate and Yvonne again, embarking on a quest that will profoundly affect all involved.

  2. 2. The Wanderer

    "The Wanderer" is a poignant tale of a young man who embarks on a quest to find his lost love, Yvonne, who he had met as a child and never forgotten. His journey takes him to the mysterious and enchanting land of the "Great Meaulnes", where he experiences a series of adventures and encounters that lead him to profound self-discovery and a deeper understanding of the complexities of love and life. The narrative is imbued with elements of nostalgia, romance, and the struggle between reality and the ideal, making it a timeless exploration of youth, longing, and the ephemeral nature of time.

  3. 3. The Grand Meaulnes

    The novel centers around a teenage boy in rural France who becomes captivated by an enigmatic new student, known as the titular character, who arrives at his school. The story unfolds as the protagonist becomes entwined in his new friend's quest for a lost love and a mysterious, dreamlike estate where a magical party took place. As the two embark on a journey filled with youthful idealism and longing, they confront the bittersweet realities of adulthood and the loss of innocence. The narrative is a poignant exploration of friendship, nostalgia, and the poignant ache of unfulfilled dreams.