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Selma Ottilia Lovisa Lagerlöf (Swedish: [²sɛlːma ²lɑːɡɛrˌløːv] (listen); 20 November 1858 – 16 March 1940) was a Swedish author and teacher. She published her first novel, Gösta Berling's Saga, at the age of 33. She was the first female writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, which she was awarded in 1909. Additionally, she was the first female to be granted a membership in The Swedish Academy in 1914.





The best books of all time by Selma Lagerlöf

  1. 1159 . Gösta Berling's Saga by Selma Lagerlöf

    Gösta Berling's Saga (Swedish: Gösta Berlings saga) is the debut novel of Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf, published in 1891. It was made into a 1924 silent film directed by Mauritz Stiller starring ...

  2. 1652 . The Emperor of Portugallia by Selma Lagerlöf

    The Emperor of Portugallia (Swedish: Kejsarn av Portugallien) is a novel by Nobel-laureate Selma Lagerlöf, published in 1914 with drawings by Albert Engström. Lagerlöf called it a "Swedish King Lea...

  3. 2453 . The Wonderful Adventures of Nils by Selma Lagerlöf

    A selfish young boy learns humility when he is made small by an elf and flies on a long trip with wild geese.

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