Rohinton Mistry

Rohinton Mistry is an Indian-born Canadian writer, best known for his critically acclaimed novels such as 'A Fine Balance' and 'Such a Long Journey'. His works often explore the complexities of Indian society and the Parsi community.


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  1. 1. A Fine Balance

    "A Fine Balance" is a poignant narrative set in India during the 1970s, a time of political turmoil and upheaval. The plot revolves around four diverse characters - a widow, a young student, and two tailors - who are brought together by fate. Through their interconnected lives, the book explores themes of caste, poverty, political corruption, and the human spirit's resilience. It offers a profound exploration of the delicate balance that sustains life amidst adversity.

    The 515th Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. Family Matters

    This novel delves into the complexities of family life in Bombay, exploring the challenges and emotional turmoil within a small, crowded apartment that becomes a battleground of generational conflict. At the heart of the story is an elderly patriarch whose declining health necessitates care, leading to tensions and revealing the deep-seated resentments and secrets that threaten to tear the family apart. Through a rich tapestry of characters and meticulously detailed narrative, the book presents a poignant examination of duty, love, and the strains that familial obligations impose on individual desires and dreams, set against the backdrop of a rapidly changing Indian society.

    The 6685th Greatest Book of All Time
  3. 3. Tales From Firozsha Baag

    The book is a collection of interconnected short stories set in a Parsi residential complex in Mumbai, capturing the everyday lives, struggles, and dreams of its diverse inhabitants. Through a rich tapestry of characters, the stories explore themes of community, tradition, and the passage of time, offering a poignant and often humorous glimpse into the complexities of human relationships and cultural identity. Each narrative delves into the personal and collective experiences of the residents, revealing the intricate web of connections that bind them together in their shared space.

    The 9673rd Greatest Book of All Time