César Vallejo

César Vallejo was a Peruvian poet, writer, playwright, and journalist, considered one of the greatest poetic innovators of the 20th century. He was born on March 16, 1892, in Santiago de Chuco, Peru, and is known for his profound and emotive work that blends a variety of styles, languages, and themes. His most famous works include the poetry collections 'Los Heraldos Negros' and 'Trilce'. Vallejo's writing is characterized by its experimental form, its existential tone, and its deep empathy for human suffering. Despite his significant influence on Latin American literature, he faced poverty and hardship during his life, and his work gained greater recognition posthumously. He died in Paris on April 15, 1938.


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  1. 1. The Complete Poetry of César Vallejo

    This comprehensive collection showcases the unique and profound poetry of a renowned Peruvian writer, encompassing his entire body of work. The poet's themes often revolve around love, death, and the human condition, reflecting his deeply held political beliefs and personal experiences. His innovative use of language and form revolutionized Latin American poetry, making this collection an essential read for anyone interested in modernist literature.

  2. 2. Trilce

    "Trilce" is a groundbreaking collection of 77 avant-garde poems that explore the complexities of human existence and emotions. The work is known for its innovative use of language and form, challenging traditional poetic norms. It delves into themes of love, death, and existential angst, while also reflecting on the author's personal experiences, including his struggles with poverty and his political beliefs. The poems are characterized by their intense imagery, complex syntax, and a sense of deep melancholy.

  3. 3. Spain, Take This Chalice from Me

    "Spain, Take This Chalice from Me" is a poignant collection of poetry that reflects on the Spanish Civil War's brutal impact. The author, deeply moved by the conflict, uses powerful imagery and emotive language to express the heartbreak, despair, and hope experienced by the Spanish people. The poems serve as a profound commentary on war, exploring themes of sacrifice, struggle, and resilience in the face of adversity.

  4. 4. Poems Of César Vallejo

    The collection presents a profound and innovative body of work from a significant 20th-century poet, known for his deeply emotional and existential poetry that often reflects on themes of suffering, redemption, and the human condition. Drawing from personal hardships and the political turmoil of his time, the poet's verses are characterized by their experimental form, linguistic innovation, and a compassionate voice that seeks to transcend individual pain and connect with universal human experiences. His work is celebrated for its technical mastery, emotional depth, and its ability to convey complex feelings and ideas with intense imagery and a sense of profound empathy.

  5. 5. Spain, Take This Cup From Me

    The book is a poignant collection of poetry that delves into the turmoil and suffering of the Spanish Civil War. Through a blend of personal anguish and political fervor, the poet grapples with themes of injustice, mortality, and the struggle for human dignity. The work serves as both a lament and a call to action, reflecting the poet's deep empathy for the Spanish people and his desire for a world free from oppression and violence. The verses are marked by their emotional intensity and linguistic innovation, capturing the complex emotions of a time fraught with conflict and upheaval.