Fernando de Rojas

Fernando de Rojas was a Spanish author and dramatist, best known for his only surviving work, 'La Celestina' (originally titled 'Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea'), which is considered a seminal work of Spanish literature. The book was published in 1499 and is often described as a novel in dialogue form, bridging the medieval and Renaissance eras. Rojas' work has been influential in the development of prose fiction and the Spanish language.


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  1. 1. La Celestina

    The book is a tragic comedy set in 15th-century Spain, revolving around the passionate and ill-fated love affair between Calisto and Melibea. After Calisto falls for Melibea but is rejected, he enlists the help of Celestina, an old and cunning procuress, to win Melibea's heart. Celestina's manipulations initially seem successful, but her greed and the involvement of various other servants and hangers-on lead to a series of dramatic and violent events. The story ultimately unfolds into a cautionary tale of lust, deception, and the destructive consequences of obsessive love, ending in tragedy for most of the main characters.