Sun Tzu

Sun Zi, also known as Sun Tzu, was an ancient Chinese military strategist and philosopher, best known for authoring 'The Art of War', a highly influential work on military strategy and tactics. His life details are sparse and partly legendary, but he is traditionally believed to have lived during the late Spring and Autumn period (approximately 5th century BC) in ancient China.


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  1. 1. The Art of War

    This ancient Chinese military treatise, written by a renowned general and military strategist, is a comprehensive guide on military strategy and tactics. It covers various aspects of warfare, from planning and preparation to execution and aftermath. The work emphasizes the importance of understanding one's enemy, using deception, and adapting to changing circumstances. It also stresses the importance of terrain, morale, and leadership. Despite its military focus, its principles have been applied to business, politics, and other fields, making it a timeless classic on strategy.

    The 476th Greatest Book of All Time