William Somerset Maugham

William Somerset Maugham was a British playwright, novelist, and short story writer. He was one of the most popular writers of his era and reputedly the highest-paid author during the 1930s. Maugham's works include 'Of Human Bondage', 'The Razor's Edge', and 'The Moon and Sixpence'. His writing is characterized by a clear, unadorned style, and a deep insight into human nature.


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  1. 1. Collected Stories

    "Collected Stories" is an anthology of tales that offers a broad range of human experiences, emotions, and dilemmas. The stories, set in a variety of locations around the world, explore themes such as love, betrayal, war, and societal norms. The author's keen observations of human nature and his skillful storytelling provide a captivating and thought-provoking reading experience.