Edward W. Said

Edward W. Said was a prominent literary critic, theorist, and outspoken advocate for Palestinian rights. He was a professor of literature at Columbia University and is best known for his book 'Orientalism', in which he analyzed Western cultural representations of the East. His work has had a significant impact on postcolonial studies and has influenced a wide range of disciplines beyond literary criticism.


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  1. 1. Orientalism

    This book is a critical examination of Western attitudes towards the East, particularly the Middle East, and how these attitudes have shaped and continue to shape Western policies and perceptions. The author argues that the West has a long history of viewing the East as the "other," exotic and inferior, and that this view has been institutionalized through academic disciplines, literature, and media. This "Orientalism," as the author calls it, has served to justify colonialism and imperialism, and continues to influence Western attitudes and policies towards the East today.

    The 687th Greatest Book of All Time