Heinrich Hoffmann

Heinrich Hoffmann was a German psychiatrist and author, best known for his work 'Struwwelpeter' (Shockheaded Peter), a book of cautionary tales for children that combines humor with moral lessons. Born on June 13, 1809, in Frankfurt am Main, Hoffmann wrote 'Struwwelpeter' in 1845 for his three-year-old son. The book became popular for its original approach to children's literature and has been translated into many languages. Hoffmann's work as a psychiatrist and his literary contributions have left a lasting impact on both fields. He passed away on September 20, 1894.


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  1. 1. Struwwelpeter, Or, Merry Rhymes and Funny Pictures...

    "Struwwelpeter, Or, Merry Rhymes and Funny Pictures..." is a collection of cautionary tales for children, featuring a series of characters who suffer dire consequences for their bad behavior. The stories, told in rhymed verse and accompanied by detailed illustrations, include a girl who plays with matches and burns to death, a boy who refuses to eat his soup and starves, and a boy who won't stop sucking his thumbs and has them cut off by a tailor. The tales are meant to both entertain and teach moral lessons.