Cathleen Miller

Cathleen Miller is an American author best known for her work as a biographer and nonfiction writer. Her most notable book is 'Desert Flower,' which chronicles the life of Somali model Waris Dirie and her journey from a nomadic life in the desert to international fame, and her activism against female genital mutilation. Miller's writing often focuses on women's issues and human rights.


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  1. 1. Desert Flower

    "Desert Flower" is a powerful autobiography that tells the story of a girl born into a nomadic tribe in the Somali desert. The girl, subjected to the brutal tradition of female genital mutilation at a young age, escapes an arranged marriage at 13 and ends up in London, where she works various jobs before being discovered as a model. Her rise to fame in the fashion industry is juxtaposed with her personal journey to raise awareness about the harmful cultural practice she endured and advocate for its eradication.