Bassam Tibi




Bassam Tibi (Arabic: بسام طيبي‎), is a German political scientist and Professor of International Relations. He was born in 1944 in Damascus, Syria to an aristocratic family, and moved to Germany in 1962 where he later became a citizen in 1976. He is known for his analysis of international relations and the introduction of Islam to the study of international conflict and of civilization. Tibi is known for introducing the controversial concept of European Leitkultur as well as the concept of Euroislam to discussions about integration of Muslim immigrants to countries in Europe. He is also the founder of Islamology as a social-scientific study of Islam and conflict in post-bipolar politics. Tibi has done research in Asian and African countries. He publishes in English, German and Arabic.





The best books of all time by Bassam Tibi

  1. 962 . Crusade and Jihad: Islam and the Christian World by Bassam Tibi