Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán was a prolific Spanish writer, best known for his series of detective novels featuring the character Pepe Carvalho. Born on July 14, 1939, in Barcelona, he was also a journalist, essayist, and poet. His work often contained a strong political and social commentary, reflecting his leftist views. Vázquez Montalbán's contributions to literature and journalism were recognized with numerous awards. He passed away on October 18, 2003.


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  1. 1. Southern Seas

    "Southern Seas" is a detective novel set in post-Franco Barcelona. The story revolves around a private detective who is hired to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a wealthy man. As he delves deeper into the case, he finds himself entangled in a web of corruption, violence, and deceit, revealing a dark underbelly of the city's elite society. The narrative is deeply political and social, exploring themes of power, class, and the legacy of Franco's dictatorship in Spain.

    The 2836th Greatest Book of All Time