Alan Warner

Alan Warner is a Scottish novelist known for his works such as 'Morvern Callar' and 'The Sopranos'. His writing often explores themes of youth, identity, and the Scottish experience.


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  1. 1. Morvern Callar

    The novel follows the story of Morvern Callar, a young woman living in a small Scottish port town, who wakes up one Christmas morning to find her boyfriend has committed suicide. Instead of reporting his death, she decides to erase all evidence of it, appropriates his unpublished novel as her own, and uses his money to go on a holiday in Spain. The book explores themes of grief, identity, and personal transformation, as Morvern navigates her way through life with a detached and indifferent attitude.

    The 2294th Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. The Deadman’s Pedal

    "The Deadman's Pedal" is a coming-of-age novel set in a small Scottish town in the 1970s. It follows the life of Simon Crimmons, a young trainee signalman who becomes infatuated with a local girl, Nikki, and finds himself caught up in the complexities of adult relationships and the harsh realities of working-class life. The story explores themes of love, loss, and the struggle to find one's place in a changing world, painting a vivid picture of a community on the brink of transformation.

    The 10328th Greatest Book of All Time