Chaim Potok

Chaim Potok was an American author and rabbi best known for his novel 'The Chosen,' a story of friendship between two Jewish boys from different sects. Potok's work often explores themes of religion, spirituality, and the conflict between tradition and modernity, reflecting his own experiences within the Jewish faith.


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  1. 1. My Name Is Asher Lev

    The book centers on Asher Lev, a young boy from a Hasidic Jewish family in Brooklyn, who possesses a prodigious artistic talent that conflicts with his deeply religious community and his relationship with his parents. As Asher grows, he must navigate the tension between his passion for painting and the expectations of his faith and family. His journey of self-discovery and struggle for artistic expression leads him to study under a renowned artist, which further alienates him from his community and leads to a profound personal and spiritual reckoning. The novel explores themes of identity, tradition, and the often-painful pursuit of individuality within the confines of a strict cultural milieu.

    The 2184th Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. The Chosen

    The novel explores the unlikely friendship between two Jewish boys in 1940s Brooklyn, New York. One is from a Hasidic background, steeped in religious tradition and destined to follow in his father's footsteps as a spiritual leader, while the other is the son of a secular Jewish intellectual, encouraged to think and question. Their bond is tested by their differing religious views, family expectations, and the external pressures of the surrounding world, including the aftermath of the Holocaust and the creation of the state of Israel. Through their relationship, the book delves into themes of faith, identity, father-son relationships, and the challenges of bridging different worlds and belief systems.

    The 2779th Greatest Book of All Time