Steve Kluger

Steve Kluger is an American author known for his works that often include themes of baseball and gay rights. He has written both fiction and non-fiction books, with notable titles including 'Last Days of Summer' and 'Almost Like Being in Love'. His writing style is characterized by humor and warmth, and he often incorporates epistolary elements into his storytelling.


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  1. 1. Last Days of Summer

    "Last Days of Summer" is a heartwarming epistolary novel set during World War II, which follows the unlikely friendship between Joey Margolis, a young Jewish boy living in Brooklyn, and Charlie Banks, a third baseman for the New York Giants. Joey, in need of a father figure and a hero, reaches out to Charlie with a series of letters and tall tales, seeking advice and attention. Through their correspondence and evolving bond, the story delves into themes of friendship, family, and the enduring impact of mentors. As Joey navigates the challenges of growing up in wartime America, their relationship grows, showing how two very different individuals can profoundly change each other's lives.

    The 6418th Greatest Book of All Time