Geoff Dyer

Geoff Dyer is a British author known for his genre-defying writing, which includes essays, fiction, and books on photography, travel, and art. His works are celebrated for their wit, observational acuity, and distinctive voice. Some of his notable books include 'Out of Sheer Rage', a study of D.H. Lawrence, and 'The Ongoing Moment', which explores the history of photography.


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  1. 1. Out Of Sheer Rage

    In this unconventional work, the author grapples with his own writer's block and the overwhelming challenge of articulating his thoughts on a literary figure he admires. Oscillating between a travelogue, memoir, and a study in procrastination, the narrative takes the reader on a journey through various locations and states of mind. The author candidly shares his struggles with the creative process, his distractions, and his personal life, all the while reflecting on the nature of writing and the difficulties of completing a project. The book is as much an exploration of the author's internal landscape as it is an homage to the elusiveness of the artistic endeavor.

    The 8054th Greatest Book of All Time