Mónica Faerna


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  1. 1. Anansi Boys

    "Anansi Boys" is a fantastical novel that follows the life of Fat Charlie Nancy, a mild-mannered man who is shocked to discover that his estranged father was the African spider god, Anansi. After his father's death, Fat Charlie's life is turned upside down when he meets his charming and charismatic brother, Spider, who has inherited their father's powers. As Spider begins to wreak havoc on Fat Charlie's life, the two brothers embark on a wild adventure through the spirit world, encountering gods, ghosts, and other supernatural beings along the way. With humor, heart, and a touch of magic, "Anansi Boys" is a thrilling and imaginative tale about family, identity, and the power of storytelling.

    The 5978th Greatest Book of All Time