Helen MacDonald

Helen MacDonald is a British writer, naturalist, and historian of science. She is best known for her memoir 'H is for Hawk,' which won several awards including the Samuel Johnson Prize and Costa Book Award.


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  1. 1. H Is For Hawk

    "H Is For Hawk" is a memoir by Helen MacDonald about her experiences training a goshawk named Mabel after the sudden death of her father. MacDonald reflects on her grief and the challenges of training a wild bird while also delving into the history of falconry and the life of T.H. White, the author of "The Once and Future King" who also trained a goshawk. The book explores themes of loss, nature, and the complexities of human-animal relationships.

    The 5167th Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. H Is For Hawk

    The book is a profound and elegantly written memoir that intertwines the story of the author's journey through grief following her father's death with her decision to train a fierce goshawk named Mabel. As she confronts the challenges of falconry, the narrative explores themes of solitude, human connection to the natural world, and the process of healing. The author's experience with Mabel serves as a mirror to her inner turmoil, providing a raw and intimate examination of loss, while also offering insights into the history and art of falconry, and reflecting on the life of a notable historical figure who shared her passion for hawks.

    The 9967th Greatest Book of All Time