Lily King

Lily King is an award-winning American author known for her novels that often explore themes of love, creativity, and human relationships. Her notable works include 'Euphoria', inspired by the life of anthropologist Margaret Mead, which won the Kirkus Prize for Fiction and the New England Book Award for Fiction. King's writing is celebrated for its emotional depth and vivid storytelling.


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  1. 1. Euphoria

    "Euphoria" is a historical fiction novel set in the 1930s that follows three anthropologists - Nell, Fen, and Andrew - as they navigate the complexities of their personal and professional relationships in the remote jungles of New Guinea. As they study the local tribes and their customs, they become entangled in a love triangle that challenges their beliefs and threatens to unravel their work. The novel explores themes of love, jealousy, cultural differences, and the pursuit of knowledge.

    The 8571st Greatest Book of All Time