Elizabeth Knox

Elizabeth Knox is a New Zealand author whose works span several genres, including fantasy, science fiction, and literary fiction. She is best known for her novel 'The Vintner's Luck,' which won numerous awards and has been adapted into a film. Knox's writing is characterized by its rich storytelling, complex characters, and imaginative worlds. She has received critical acclaim and has a dedicated readership both in New Zealand and internationally.


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  1. 1. The Vintner's Luck

    "The Vintner's Luck" is a captivating novel that follows the life of a young vintner named Sobran, who forms an unlikely friendship with an angel named Xas. Set in 19th century France, the story explores themes of love, passion, and the pursuit of dreams as Sobran navigates the challenges of winemaking and the complexities of his relationships with both mortals and celestial beings. Through beautifully descriptive prose and rich character development, the book delves into the intricacies of the human spirit and the intertwining of the mundane and the divine.