Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant, author, and TV show host. She is best known for her KonMari method, a system of simplifying and organizing one's home by getting rid of physical items that do not bring joy into one's life. She has written several popular books on the topic, including 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up', which has been published in multiple languages and has sold millions of copies worldwide. Kondo has also starred in a Netflix series called 'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo' where she helps families declutter and organize their homes.


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  1. 1. The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up

    "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" is a practical guide that offers a fresh perspective on decluttering and organizing one's home. The author introduces the KonMari Method, a systematic approach to tidying that encourages individuals to keep only items that truly spark joy in their lives. Through insightful anecdotes and step-by-step instructions, the book provides valuable insights on how tidying can lead to a transformative and joyful lifestyle.

    The 6431st Greatest Book of All Time