Vikram Chandra

Vikram Chandra is an Indian-American writer known for his novels, stories, and non-fiction works. His notable books include 'Red Earth and Pouring Rain', which won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Best First Book, 'Love and Longing in Bombay', and 'Sacred Games', which was adapted into a successful Netflix series. Chandra's writing often explores themes of history, mythology, and the complexities of modern India. He has also taught creative writing and has been involved in the tech industry, co-founding the narrative analysis company Granthika Co.


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  1. 1. Love And Longing In Bombay

    "Love And Longing In Bombay" is a collection of five interconnected stories set in the bustling city of Bombay. Each story explores themes of love, loss, and longing, as characters navigate their way through the complexities of relationships and the challenges of modern life. From a detective investigating a mysterious disappearance to a struggling actor caught in a web of deceit, these stories offer a glimpse into the diverse lives and emotions of Bombay's inhabitants. With richly drawn characters and evocative descriptions of the city, the book captures the essence of Bombay and delves into the universal experiences of love and longing.

    The 9584th Greatest Book of All Time