Maj Sjöwall

Maj Sjöwall was a Swedish author and translator best known for co-authoring a series of ten novels about the exploits of Martin Beck, a police detective in Stockholm, with her partner Per Wahlöö. These books are considered classics in the genre of Scandinavian crime fiction and have been translated into many languages. Sjöwall and Wahlöö's work is known for its realism and social criticism, and their collaboration is often cited as pioneering the 'police procedural' genre in Sweden.


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  1. 1. The Laughing Policeman

    In this gripping crime novel, a mass shooting on a bus in Stockholm leaves eight people dead, including a police officer. Inspector Martin Beck and his team are assigned to solve the case, but as they delve deeper, they uncover a complex web of corruption and deceit within the police force. With time running out, Beck must navigate through a labyrinth of clues and personal vendettas to catch the laughing policeman responsible for this heinous act.

    The 1352nd Greatest Book of All Time