Mihail Sebastian

Mihail Sebastian was a Romanian playwright, essayist, journalist, and novelist. Born on October 18, 1907, in Br─âila, Romania, he is best known for his plays and novels that depict the life of the Jewish middle class in Romania between the two World Wars. His notable works include the novel 'For Two Thousand Years' and the play 'The Holiday Game.' Sebastian's diaries, which were published posthumously, provide a valuable insight into the period of the rise of fascism in Romania and the challenges he faced as a Jewish intellectual. He died in a car accident on May 29, 1945, in Bucharest.


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  1. 1. Journal, 1935 44

    "Journal, 1935-44" is a captivating collection of diary entries written by an insightful and introspective individual named Mihail Sebastian. Spanning almost a decade, the journal provides a unique glimpse into the author's personal thoughts, experiences, and observations during a tumultuous period in history. Through his poignant reflections, Sebastian explores themes of identity, love, politics, and the human condition, offering readers a profound and thought-provoking journey through his inner world.

    The 5457th Greatest Book of All Time