Ludmila Petrushevskaya

Ludmila Petrushevskaya is a renowned Russian author, playwright, and singer, born on May 26, 1938, in Moscow. She is best known for her short stories, novels, and plays that often explore dark and absurd aspects of life in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia. Her works frequently delve into themes of family, poverty, and survival, and are characterized by their sharp wit and poignant commentary on human nature. Petrushevskaya has been awarded various literary prizes and is considered one of Russia's foremost contemporary writers.


This list of books are ONLY the books that have been ranked on the lists that are aggregated on this site. This is not a comprehensive list of all books by this author.

  1. 1. The Time: Night

    The book is a stark portrayal of the struggles faced by a multi-generational family living in the cramped quarters of a Moscow apartment during the twilight years of the Soviet Union. The narrative is driven by the matriarch, a poet who is both resilient and weary, as she navigates the complexities of caring for her mentally unstable daughter and her neglected grandson. The story delves deep into themes of maternal sacrifice, poverty, and the relentless passage of time, painting a grim picture of domestic life and the burdens of womanhood in a society that is as unforgiving as it is oppressive.

  2. 2. There Once Lived A Woman Who Tried To Kill Her Neighbour’s Baby

    In this collection of dark and haunting tales set in Soviet Russia, Ludmila Petrushevskaya explores the depths of human desperation and the complexities of human relationships. Through her vivid and evocative storytelling, she delves into the lives of ordinary individuals who are trapped in a web of loneliness, despair, and unfulfilled desires. With a blend of realism and the supernatural, Petrushevskaya crafts a mesmerizing narrative that exposes the raw emotions and hidden secrets that lie within the human heart.