Victoria Lomasko

Victoria Lomasko is a Russian artist and graphic journalist known for her work that combines art and documentary storytelling. She gained prominence with her unique style of graphic reportage, where she documents contemporary Russian society, focusing on social and political issues. Her notable works include 'Other Russias', a collection of graphic reportages depicting the lives of marginalized groups in Russia, such as activists, migrant workers, and sex workers. Lomasko's art provides a poignant commentary on the struggles and injustices faced by these communities.


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  1. 1. Other Russias

    "Other Russias" is a powerful and thought-provoking graphic novel that offers an intimate and unfiltered glimpse into the lives of marginalized individuals and communities in contemporary Russia. Through her stunning illustrations and poignant interviews, Victoria Lomasko sheds light on the struggles, hopes, and resilience of diverse groups such as LGBTQ+ activists, migrant workers, political dissidents, and the forgotten voices of rural communities. This eye-opening book challenges stereotypes and provides a humanizing portrayal of those who are often overlooked or silenced in Russian society.