Ferdinand Oyono

Ferdinand Oyono was a Cameroonian diplomat, politician, and author known for his novels that critique colonialism and its effects on African societies. His notable works include 'Houseboy' and 'The Old Man and the Medal'.


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  1. 1. Le Vieux Nègre Et La Médaille

    "Le Vieux Nègre Et La Médaille" by Ferdinand Oyono is a thought-provoking novel set in colonial Africa, exploring the complexities of power dynamics and racial discrimination. The story follows the life of an elderly African man who, after receiving a medal from the French government for his loyalty during World War II, becomes disillusioned with the empty promises of equality and justice. Through vivid storytelling and poignant symbolism, the book sheds light on the harsh realities faced by African individuals under colonial rule.

    The 3813th Greatest Book of All Time