Rocha Chimera

Rocha Chimera is a Kenyan writer. He received the Noma Award in 2000 for Ufundishaji wa Fasihi: Nadharia na Mbinu. Chimera holds a B.Ed. and M.A. from Kenyatta University, and a Ph.D. from Ohio University. He is Professor of Swahili and former chair of the Dept. of Languages and Linguistics at Egerton University. Currently, he is the Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Pwani University college, Kilifi Kenya. His published works include Kiswahili: Past, Present and Future Horizons (ISBN 9966-846-35-2) and Ufundishaji wa Fasihi: Nadharia na Mbinu (ISBN 9966-22-157-3) (co-authored with Kimani Njogu) and a play Mnara wawaka moto!: uhalifu (ISBN 9966-846-39-5) .


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  1. 1. Kiswahili, Past, Present And Future Horizons

    "Kiswahili, Past, Present And Future Horizons" explores the rich history, current state, and potential future of the Kiswahili language. The book delves into the origins and development of Kiswahili, highlighting its significance as a lingua franca in East Africa. It examines the language's role in literature, education, and communication, while also addressing the challenges and opportunities it faces in a rapidly changing global landscape. Through insightful analysis and compelling examples, the author presents a comprehensive overview of Kiswahili's past achievements and its promising prospects for continued growth and influence.

    The 6211th Greatest Book of All Time