Robert Kunzig

Robert Kunzig is a science journalist and author known for his work on environmental and earth sciences. He has contributed to publications such as National Geographic and Discover, and has co-authored books on oceanography and climate change, including 'Fixing Climate' with Wallace S. Broecker and 'Mapping the Deep', which won the Royal Society's Aventis Prize for Science Books.


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  1. 1. Mapping The Deep

    "Mapping The Deep" explores the mysterious and awe-inspiring world beneath the ocean's surface. Through captivating storytelling and scientific research, the book delves into the history of deep-sea exploration, revealing the incredible discoveries and challenges faced by scientists and explorers. From the eerie abyssal plains to the vibrant ecosystems of hydrothermal vents, the author takes readers on a journey to understand the profound impact of the deep sea on our planet and the potential it holds for future exploration and understanding.

    The 10934th Greatest Book of All Time