Cordelia Fine

Cordelia Fine is a British writer, psychologist, and professor known for her work in the fields of cognitive science and gender. She has authored several books and articles that explore topics such as the neuroscience of sex differences and the impact of gender stereotypes. Fine's notable works include 'Delusions of Gender' and 'Testosterone Rex,' both of which challenge common perceptions about gender roles and biological determinism. Her writing is recognized for its critical analysis and engaging narrative style, contributing to important discussions on gender and equality.


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  1. 1. Testosterone Rex: Unmaking The Myths Of Our Gendered Minds

    "Testosterone Rex: Unmaking The Myths Of Our Gendered Minds" challenges the long-standing belief that testosterone is the primary driver of gender differences. The book explores the scientific evidence that debunks this myth and argues that societal expectations and cultural influences play a significant role in shaping gender roles and behaviors. Through a combination of research, wit, and humor, the author dismantles the notion of Testosterone Rex, offering a fresh perspective on the complex interplay between biology and society in understanding gender.

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