The Left Hand Of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin

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Winter is an Earth-like planet with two major differences: conditions are semi arctic even at the warmest time of the year, and the inhabitants are all of the same sex. Tucked away in a remote corner of the universe, they have no knowledge of space travel or of life beyond their own world. And when a strange envoy from space brings news of a vast coalition of planets which they are invited to join, he is met with fear, mistrust and disbelief. . . 'The Left Hand of Darkness' is a groundbreaking work of feminist science fiction, an imaginative masterpiece which poses challenging questions about sexuality, sexism and the organisation of society.

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The 1203rd greatest fiction book of all time

This book is on the following lists:

  1. - 46th on 100 Best Novels in English Since 1900 (Counterpunch)
  2. - 64th on In Which These Are the 100 Greatest Novels (
  3. - 80th on Harvard Book Store Staff's Favorite 100 Books (Harvard Book Store)

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