Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown

Rubyfruit Jungle is the first milestone novel in the extraordinary career of one of this country's most distinctive writers. Bawdy and moving, the ultimate word-of-mouth bestseller, Rubyfruit Jungle is about growing up a lesbian in America – and living happily ever after. Born a bastard, Molly Bolt is adopted by a dirt-poor Southern couple who want something better for their daughter. Molly plays doctor with the boys, beats up Leroy the tub and loses her virginity to her girlfriend in sixth grade. As she grows to realize she's different, Molly decides not to apologize for that. In no time she mesmerizes the head cheerleader of Ft. Lauderdale High and captivates a gorgeous bourbon-guzzling heiress. But the world is not tolerant. Booted out of college for moral turpitude, an unrepentant, penniless Molly takes New York by storm, sending not a few female hearts aflutter with her startling beauty, crackling wit and fierce determination to become the greatest filmmaker that ever lived. Critically acclaimed when first published, Rubyfruit Jungle has only grown in reputation as it has reached new generations of readers who respond to its feisty and inspiring heroine.

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The 1537th greatest fiction book of all time

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RubyFruit Jungle Hardcover 2809083 $58.00 $25.00 1993
Rubyfruit Jungle Paperback 1800166 $285.51 $0.01 1973
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Rubyfruit Jungle Hardcover 11396239 $35.91
Rubyfruit Jungle Mass Market Paperback 124401 $7.18 $0.01 1983
Rubyfruit Jungle Paperback 547153 $16.00 2015
Rubyfruit Jungle Hardcover 470746 $39.17 $1.35 1988
rubyfruit jungle Paperback 2894913 $77.90 $0.01
Rubyfruit Jungle Mass Market Paperback 255280 $33.99 $1.19 1983
Rubyfruit Jungle Mass Market Paperback 1361301 $18.99 $8.99 1983
Rubyfruit Jungle: A Novel Audible Audiobook 30001 $18.35 2022
Rubyfruit Jungle By Rita Mae Brown Paperback 1910587 $6.85 $2.59 1983
Rubyfruit Jungle Paperback 2491459 $74.90 $0.01
Rubyfruit Jungle: A Novel Kindle Edition 122633 $12.99 2014