Regeneration by Pat Barker

The first book of the Regeneration Trilogy and a Booker Prize nominee In 1917 Siegfried Sasson, noted poet and decorated war hero, publicly refused to continue serving as a British officer in World War I. His reason: the war was a senseless slaughter. He was officially classified "mentally unsound" and sent to Craiglockhart War Hospital. There a brilliant psychiatrist, Dr. William Rivers, set about restoring Sassoon's "sanity" and sending him back to the trenches. This novel tells what happened as only a novel can. It is a war saga in which not a shot is fired. It is a story of a battle for a man's mind in which only the reader can decide who is the victor, who the vanquished, and who the victim. One of the most amazing feats of fiction of our time, Regneration has been hailed by critics across the globe. As August 2014 marks the 100-year anniversary of World War I, this book is as timely and relevant as ever.

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The 349th greatest fiction book of all time

This book is on the following lists:

  1. - 38th on Entertainment Weekly's Top 100 Novels (Entertainment Weekly)
  2. - 77th on 100 Best Novels in English Since 1900 (Counterpunch)
  3. - 85th on The 100 Greatest British Novels (BBC)
  4. - 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (The Book)
  5. - 100 Novels That Shaped Our World (BBC)

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Regeneration Audio CD 7269487 $89.99
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Regeneration (Contemporary Fiction, Plume) Kindle Edition 60835 $10.99 1993
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The Ghost Road: The Regeneration Trilogy, Book 3 Audible Audio Edition 23867 $14.95 2006
The Ghost Road (Regeneration Trilogy) Paperback 4891049 $12.06 2013
Regeneration (Romans, nouvelles, récits) (French Edition) Paperback 21021944 $187.42 1999
Regeneration by Barker,Pat. [1993] Paperback Paperback 2042584 $19.85 $4.02 1993
[The Regeneration Trilogy] [By: Barker, Pat] [March, 2014] Paperback 2193581 $33.92 $38.38 2014
By Pat Barker - Regeneration (6.1.1993) Paperback 1955338 $11.86 $4.13 1993
Regeneration (Penguin Essentials) Paperback 815232 $10.32 2014