Born Confused by Tanuja Desai Hidier

Tanuja Desai Hidier's fantastically acclaimed cross-cultural debut comes to PUSH! Dimple Lala doesn't know what to think. Her parents are from India, and she's spent her whole life resisting their traditions. Then suddenly she gets to high school and everything Indian is trendy. To make matters worse, her parents arrange for her to meet a "suitable boy." Of course it doesn't go well -- until Dimple goes to a club and finds him spinning a magical web . Suddenly the suitable boy is suitable because of his sheer unsuitability. Complications ensue. This is a funny, thoughtful story about finding your heart, finding your culture, and finding your place in America.

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The 1884th greatest fiction book of all time

This book is on the following lists:

  1. - 94th on Top 100 World Literature Titles (Perfection Learning)

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Born Confused Audio CD 4505060 $61.41 $5.01 2006
Born Confused: Library Edition Audio CD 9680650 $18.87 $11.49
Born Confused Paperback 1729935 $0.16
Born Confused Paperback 288084 $3.00 $0.01 2003
Born Confused Hardcover 802591 $3.49 $0.99 2002
Born Confused (Bccb Blue Ribbon Fiction Books (Awards)) Hardcover 5859586 $3.95 $1.95 2002
Born Confused Kindle Edition 879322 $6.99 2010
Born Confused Paperback 238097 $9.09 $1.35 2014