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Eugenio Montale (1896-1981) is acknowledged as one of the great poets of the twentieth century and received many honours, including the Nobel Prize in 1975. His lyrical, mysterious poems abound in natural images - Liguria's sea-coast, golden sunflowers, scolding blackbirds, sun-scorched landscapes. Full of mythological and literary resonance, they poignantly explore the connection between the individual, nature and the divine. This volume draws on Montale's four major collections, Cuttlefish Bones (Ossi di seppia), The Occasion (Le occasioni), The Storm and Other Things (La bufera e altro), Satura, and later work as well. It brings together translations, adaptations and homages by, among others, Samuel Beckett, Anthony Burgess, Geoffrey Hill, Robert Lowell, Jamie McKendrick, Edwin Morgan and Jeremy Reed.

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