Betrayed by Rita Hayworth by Manuel Puig

Manuel Puig's celebrated first novel is a startling anatomy of a small town in thrall to its own petty lusts, betrayals, scandals, thefts, and gossip -- but most of all, to the movies. Centering around a boy named Toto, privy to the town's secrets and always eager to fill in the ugly or upsetting moments of his childhood with Hollywood-inspired fantasy, Betrayed by Rita Hayworth is a symphony of disappointed, comic, bitter, and bawdy voices, all hemmed in by life's refusal to behave like the silver screen, and is perhaps the funniest and most honest coming-of-age story of its time. 発行:インプレス

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The 973rd greatest fiction book of all time

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  1. - 5th on Biblioteca (Argentina)

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Betrayed by Rita Hayworth Paperback 3645138 $126.76 $0.01 1987
Betrayed By Rita Hayworth Mass Market Paperback 1268239 $768.57 $34.94
Betrayed by Rita Hayworth Hardcover 2603320 $112.30 $0.40
Betrayed By Rita Hayworth (V-659) Paperback 2958485 $14.99 $1.28 1981
La traicion de Rita Hayworth (Spanish Edition) Paperback 1652423 $24.95 $11.86 2003
La traición de Rita Hayworth (Spanish Edition) Kindle Edition 1796084 2012
La traición de Rita Hayworth / Betrayed by Rita Hayworth (Spanish Edition) Paperback 8141197 $15.99 2015
Betrayed by Rita Hayworth (Latin American Literature) Paperback 2328688 $39.95 $39.94 2009
Betrayed by Rita Hayworth Paperback 11934073 $19.95 $2.99 1978