Vida by Marge Piercy

In the 1960's, Vida was a political star of the anti-war movement and a charismatic red-headed beauty. Orginally published in 1979, this vivid novel follows Vida on the run a decade later, her exuberence replaced by a stubborn courage. Hiding in a safe house she meets Joel, a fugitive, and despite knowing the dangers she starts warming to a man for the first time in years. As counterpoint to the underground 70s Piercy tells the extraordinary tale of the optimistic 60s, capturing the energy and rage of those involved.

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The 1983rd greatest fiction book of all time

This book is on the following lists:

  1. - 49th on 100 Best Novels in English Since 1900 (Counterpunch)

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Vida Paperback 12164303 $3.50
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Vida Mass Market Paperback 9937530 $0.01 1981
Vida Kindle Edition 1319712 $10.49 2012
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