The Death of the Heart by Elizabeth Bowen

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The Death of the Heart is a 1938 novel by Elizabeth Bowen set between the two world wars. It is about a sixteen year old orphan, Portia Quayne, who moves to London to live with her half-brother Thomas and falls in love with Eddie, a friend of her sister-in-law.

- Wikipedia

The 392nd greatest fiction book of all time

This book is on the following lists:

  1. - 26th on D. G. Myers’ 50 Greatest English Language Novels (D. G. Myers)
  2. - 43rd on 100 Best Novels in English Since 1900 (Counterpunch)
  3. - 84th on The Modern Library | 100 Best Novels (Modern Library)
  4. - 88th on The 100 Greatest British Novels (BBC)
  5. - TIME Magazine All Time 100 Novels (TIME Magazine)

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