Miss Lonelyhearts by Nathanael West

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First published in 1933, Miss Lonelyhearts remains one of the most shocking works of 20th century American literature, as unnerving as a glob of black bile vomited up at a church social: empty, blasphemous, and horrific. Set in New York during the Depression and probably West's most powerful work, Miss Lonelyhearts concerns a nameless man assigned to produce a newspaper advice column — but as time passes he begins to break under the endless misery of those who write in, begging him for advice. Unable to find answers, and with his shaky Christianity ridiculed to razor-edged shards by his poisonous editor, he tumbles into alcoholism and a madness fueled by his own spiritual emptiness.

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The 1038th greatest fiction book of all time

This book is on the following lists:

  1. - 52nd on The 100 Greatest Novels (greatbooksguide.com)
  2. - How to Read and Why (Harold Bloom)

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