Dragon's Teeth by Upton Sinclair

The Pulitzer prize-winning novel by a great American writer portrays the men and women caught in an onslaught of terror, a holocaust from which few escape. Lanny Budd became involved in what the Nazis termed "politics." He saw it as a question of human decency–that was how he found himself the prey in a manhunt as horrifying as it was deadly. Lanny Budd was one of those millions engulfed in the century's tragedy, trapped by the rising monster of Nazi Germany

The 2154th greatest fiction book of all time

This book is on the following lists:

  1. - Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (Pulitzer Prize)

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Dragon's Teeth Mass Market Paperback 2541644 $51.00 $12.00
Dragon's Teeth Paperback 3173751 $28.99
Dragon's Teeth Hardcover 3309018 $173.00 $49.94
Dragon's Teeth (Budd #3) Kindle Edition 827444 $2.99 2021
Dragon's teeth [by] Upton Sinclair Hardcover 2566148 $25.00
Dragon's Teeth (The Lanny Budd Novels) Kindle Edition 730091 2016
Dragon's Teeth Paperback 1080938 $30.00
Dragon's Teeth Hardcover 3055865 $49.75 $44.78 2009
Dragon's Teeth I (World's End) Paperback 1269741 $25.96 $16.94 2001
Dragon's Teeth II (World's End) Paperback 2405446 $26.96 $10.82 2001