The Hearts and Lives of Men: A Novel by Fay Weldon

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It’s 1960s London, and the sexual revolution is in full swing in Fay Weldon’s enduring story of lust, marriage, family, art, avarice, ambition, betrayal, and true love Clifford Wexford and Helen Lally meet at a party and fall passionately in love. But their baby, Nell, isn’t yet one when their marriage unravels. Divorce quickly follows on the heels of wedding bliss, and so begins a battle for Nell’s care and affection. Helen remarries; Clifford has affairs—and something quite remarkable happens to little Nell. Fay Weldon has written a sparkling gem of a novel, in which good triumphs over malice, and love can still conquer all. Part allegory, part adventure story, The Hearts and Lives of Men reveals the souls of both men and women.

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The 1247th greatest fiction book of all time

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