Mrs. Bridge by Evan S. Connell

In Mrs. Bridge, Evan S. Connell, a consummate storyteller, artfully crafts a portrait using the finest of details in everyday events and confrontations. With a surgeon’s skill, Connell cuts away the middle-class security blanket of uniformity to expose the arrested development underneath—the entropy of time and relationships lead Mrs. Bridge's three children and husband to recede into a remote silence, and she herself drifts further into doubt and confusion. The raised evening newspaper becomes almost a fire screen to deflect any possible spark of conversation. The novel is comprised of vignettes, images, fragments of conversations, events—all building powerfully toward the completed group portrait of a family, closely knit on the surface but deeply divided by loneliness, boredom, misunderstandings, isolation, sexual longing, and terminal isolation. In this special fiftieth anniversary edition, we are reminded once again why Mrs. Bridge has been hailed by readers and critics alike as one of the greatest novels in American literature.

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The 1025th greatest fiction book of all time

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Mrs. Bridge Audio Cassette 13342526 $24.00 1989
Mrs. Bridge Paperback 4656410 $66.48 $0.16 1963
Mrs. Bridge Hardcover 5168620 $264.11 $15.99
Mrs Bridge Paperback 5986347 $145.54 1977
Mr. & Mrs. Bridge (Classics Read By Celebrities Series) Audio CD 2091397 $12.24 $11.95 2007
Mr Bridge And Mrs Bridge Paperback 1497432 $0.98
Mr. and Mrs. Bridge Audio CD 6744304 $8.00 $6.95
Mr. Bridge: A Novel Paperback 921314 $10.89 $5.02 2005
Mrs. Bridge Hardcover 6671659 $48.47 1983
Mrs. Bridge: A Novel Paperback 1501649 $0.11 $0.01 2005
Mrs. Bridge Kindle Edition 174229 2010
Mrs. Bridge Hardcover 1429148 $231.80 $23.55 1959
Mrs. Bridge: A Novel Paperback 1453703 $0.01 $0.01 1990
Mrs. Bridge Mass Market Paperback 6180169 $39.99 $2.50
Mr. Bridge: A Novel Kindle Edition 263533 $9.99 2005
Mrs. Bridge Paperback 6523764 $46.00
Mrs. Bridge (G. K. Hall (Large Print)) Paperback 5722467 $32.95 $0.01
Mr. and Mrs. Bridge Audible Audio Edition 106321 $17.95 2014
Mrs Bridge and Mr Bridge Hardcover 172086 $14.94 $54.34 2012
Mrs. Bridge Paperback 200163 $13.46 $5.78 2010
Mr. & Mrs. Bridge (Classics Read By Celebrities Series)(Library Edition) Audio CD 9775325 $22.68 $4.99 2007