The Storyteller by Mario Vargas Llosa

A visitor from Peru, happening upon an exhibition of photographs from the Amazon jungle in an obscure Florentine picture gallery, finds his attention drawn to a picture of a tribal storyteller seated among a circle of Michiguenga Indians. There is something odd about the storyteller. He is too light-skinned to be an Indian. As the visitor stares at the photograph, it dawns on him that he knows this man. The storyteller is his long-lost friend, Saul Zuratas, his classmate from university who was thought to have disappeared in Israel. The Storyteller is a brilliant and compelling study of the world of the primitive and its place in our own modern lives.

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The 2015th greatest fiction book of all time

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  1. - 74th on 100 Best Books (Montana State University)

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The Storyteller Hardcover 13704404 $7.53 1990
The Storyteller First Edition Signed Hardcover 12221972 $24.00
The Storyteller: A Novel Paperback 1295711 $4.91 $0.74 2001
The Storyteller Hardcover 1037105 $6.83 $0.01 1989
The Storyteller Paperback 2474338 $0.98 $0.01 1990
El hablador / The Storyteller (Spanish Edition) Paperback 5301917 $25.20 $4.69 1995
El hablador (Spanish Edition) Paperback 1927238 $14.49 $7.00 2008
El hablador / The Storyteller (Spanish Edition) Paperback 810649 $16.28 $16.28 2015
The Storytellers: Narratives in International Contemporary Art Hardcover 3789729 $19.04 $19.94 2013
El Hablador / The Storyteller Paperback 10104726 $25.00 $43.19
El hablador / The Storyteller (Spanish Edition) Paperback 2593804 $15.96 $4.63 2010
The Storyteller: A Novel, Cover may vary Paperback 231735 $11.30 $1.00 2001
The Storyteller: A Novel Kindle Edition 692700 $11.99 2011
The Storyteller. Trans. by Helen Lane Hardcover 2141954 $2.82