Teahouse by Lao She

This is one of the famous dramas by Lao She. The drama is set in a typical, old Beijing teahouse and follows the lives of the owner and his customers through three stages in modern Chinese history. The play spans fifty years and has a cast of over sixty characters drawn from all levels of society. Brought together in Yutai Teahouse, they reflect the changes that took place in Chinese society.

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The 1820th greatest fiction book of all time

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Name Binding Sales Rank Lowest New Lowest Used Published
Teahouse (Bilingual Series in Modern Chinese Literature) Paperback 1039090 $7.41 $1.74 2004
Teahouse (Chinese Edition) Paperback 7276244 $5.73 $3.20 2010
Teahouse: A Play in Three Acts Paperback 7745602 $1.99
Teahouse: A Play in Three Acts Paperback 10805006 $468.69 $0.37
Teahouse(Chinese-English ed.) Paperback 8651668 $15.04 2000
Tea House-(updated version) (Chinese Edition) Paperback 3805908 $2.99 $21.08 2010
Teahouse Paperback 579680 $9.95 $5.95 2013
Teahouse: A Play in Three Acts Paperback 3771131 $18.80 $0.94 2001