The Subterraneans by Jack Kerouac

Written over the course of three days and three nights, The Subterraneans was generated out of the same ecstatic flash of inspiration that produced another one of Kerouac's early classic, On The Road. Centering on the tempestous breakup of Leo Percepied and Mardou Fox--two denizens of the 1950s San Francsico underground--The Subterraneans is a tale of dark alleys and dark rooms,of artists, of visionaries,

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The 2261st greatest fiction book of all time

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The Subterraneans Paperback 151736 $6.73 $0.01 1994
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[(Jack Kerouac: Road Novels 1957-1960: On the Road/The Dharma Bums/The Subterraneans/Tristessa/Lonesome Traveler/From the Journals 1949-1954)] [Author: Jack Kerouac] published on (October, 2014) Hardcover 18032713 $47.91 $91.41 2014