I Malavoglia by Giovanni Verga

I Malavoglia (Italian pronunciation: [i malaˈvɔʎʎa]) is the best known novel by Giovanni Verga. It was first printed in 1881. An English edition, The House by the Medlar-Tree (1890), translated by Mary A. Craig, was published in the Continental Classics series.This work belongs to the Ciclo dei vinti, together with Mastro-don Gesualdo, La Duchessa di Leyra, L'Onorevole Scipioni and L'uomo di lusso, works which deal with the problem of social and economical advancement. La Duchessa de Leyra remained only a draft, while the last two novels planned for the Ciclo, L'Onorevole Scipioni and L'Uomo di Lusso, were not even started. I Malavoglia deals with a family of fishermen who work and live in Aci Trezza, a small Sicilian village near Catania. The novel possesses a choral aspect, and depicts characters united by the same culture, but divided by ancient rivalries. Verga adopts the impersonality technique, reproducing some features of the dialect and adapting himself to the point of view of the characters. In doing so, he renounces the customary mediation of the narrator. A film, based on the story of I Malavoglia, La Terra Trema (English: The Earth Trembles), was directed by Luchino Visconti in 1948. In the book by Silvia Iannello Le immagini e le parole dei Malavoglia (Sovera, Roma, 2008) the author selects some passages of the Verga novel I Malavoglia, adds original comments and Acitrezza's photographic images, and devotes a chapter to the origins, remarks and frames taken from the film La terra trema.

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I Malavoglia: Il romanzo più conosciuto dello scrittore siciliano Giovanni Verga, L'opera va inserita nel Ciclo dei Vinti insieme a Mastro-don Gesualdo e a La Duchessa de Leyra. (Italian Edition) Paperback 11891769 $3.74 2020
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I Malavoglia: (Annotato) (Edizione integrale) (Italian Edition) Kindle Edition 1011795 $1.08 2021
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I Malavoglia con espansione online (I Grandi Classici Multimediali) (Italian Edition) Paperback 2735317 $5.39 $24.13 2018
The House by the Medlar Tree: I Malavoglia (Dedalus European Classics Series) Paperback 5389649 $4.97 $2.99 2015
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House by the Medlar Tree Paperback 15959785 $14.52
I MALAVOGLIA, 4TH ED. (Dedalus European Classics) Paperback 3616606 $66.82 $2.00 2015
I Malavoglia: The House by the Medlar Tree (Dedalus European Classics) 5th edition by Verga, Giovanni (2015) Paperback Paperback 1562965 $21.24 $11.57
I grandi romanzi Hardcover 1404805 $60.00
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I Malavoglia (Passepartout Vol. 25) (Italian Edition) Kindle Edition 1327436 2017
I Malavoglia Audible Audiobook 292782 $9.14 2013
Giovanni Verga (18 libri): I Malavoglia, Mastro-don Gesualdo, Storia di una Capinera, Vita dei campi, Novelle rusticane - Tutti i romanzi e tutte le novelle (Italian Edition) Kindle Edition 596648 $1.99 2020
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I Malavoglia, Mastro Don Gesualdo, Storia di una Capinera, La Lupa: Quattro opere in un unico volume (Italian Edition) Kindle Edition 3442264 $3.50 2021
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I Malavoglia (Italian Edition) Paperback 2875636 $5.46 $3.06 2014
I Malavoglia The House by the Medlar Tree (Dedalus European Classics) Kindle Edition 1531064 $11.99 2012