American Rust by Philipp Meyer

American Rust is American writer Philipp Meyer's debut novel, published in 2009. Set in the 2000s, American Rust takes place in the fictional town of Buell in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, which is in a rural region referred to as "the Valley" of dilapidated steel towns. American Rust focuses on the decline of the American middle class, good-paying manufacturing jobs, and the general sense of economic and social malaise of what has become known as the New Gilded Age. Meyer's novel received rave reviews from book critics; many publications ranked it one of the best novels of 2009. American Rust was published in 2009 in the United States, Great Britain, Australia, and The Netherlands (in Dutch); in 2010 it was published (in translation) in France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Israel, Greece, and Serbia.

The 1258th greatest fiction book of all time

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American Rust: A Novel Hardcover 1074934 $136.46 $2.25 2009
American Rust: A Novel [DECKLE EDGE] (Hardcover) Hardcover 2683712 $61.22 $1.99 2008
American Steel: Hot Metal Men and the Resurrection of the Rust Belt Hardcover 167007 $42.18 $2.60 1991
Remaking the Rust Belt: The Postindustrial Transformation of North America (American Business, Politics, and Society) Hardcover 807503 $45.75 $19.98 2016
Rust Belt Boy: Stories of an American Childhood Paperback 912764 $8.95 $1.27 2016
Reorganizing the Rust Belt Paperback 1627529 $2.99 $2.13 2004
Manufacturing Decline: How Racism and the Conservative Movement Crush the American Rust Belt Paperback 2616550 $30.00 2019
Mathis - Carlton - Shelley of Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee Since 1618: And Allied American Families: Clay, Drew, Harris, Hoskins, Johnson/Johnston, Malloy, Mason, Rust, Smithwick, Swan, Woolard Paperback 4118901 $15.00 $30.05 2016
Cleveland Beer:: History & Revival in the Rust Belt (American Palate) Paperback 90474 $5.17 $6.65 2015
American Rust Mass Market Paperback 2164735 $6.00 $3.79 2013
American Rust Audio CD 6892620 $63.94
American Rust Paperback 9780249 $42.66 $0.01
American Rust by Philipp Meyer (29-Aug-2013) Paperback Paperback 9550228 $17.10 $7.63
By Philipp Meyer - American Rust: A Novel (Random House Reader's Circle) (12/13/09) Paperback 1468985 $21.81 $4.59 2009
American Rust: A Novel Kindle Edition 43767 $5.99 2009
American Rust: A Novel (Random House Reader's Circle) Paperback 128503 $5.40 $1.51 2010